Lose yourself in in the sights and smells of a bluebell wood

Nothing lifts the spirits like wandering through a carpet of bluebells in lovely woodland on a clear Spring day.



Bluebells image

Half of the world’s bluebell woods are found in the UK. They are an absolute treat not to be missed! Nesscliffe Countryside Site is a great place to see them and there are fantastic views across Shropshire from parts of the site too.

Finding them in full bloom can be a bit tricky, as the timing of this will depend on the weather that year but they can usually be found coming into flower from early April.

To find out some interesting facts about bluebells, such as that  bees can 'steal' nectar from bluebells by biting a hole in the bottom of the bell, reaching the nectar without pollinating the flower, and to find other sites in Shropshire visit the Woodland Trust website.