Experience the wide views from Ifton Meadows across the neighbouring countryside to the Welsh hills and listen for iconic summer’s afternoon song of the skylark

There is arguably few birdsongs more beautiful than that of the skylark whose territorial displays can radiate through the air uninterrupted for up to 5 minutes.



Experience the wide views from Ifton Meadows image

Skylarks are small brown birds between the size of a sparrow and a starling and are renowned for their displays in flight and their song – some claiming it to be the very voice of spring. The skylark was the inspiration for George Meredith’s poem “The Lark Ascending” which in turn inspired Vaughan Williams to compose the musical piece of the same name.

Ifton Meadows Local Nature Reserve is a former Colliery site which has since been re-clothed by nature. From semi-natural ancient woodland with extensive swathes of British bluebell to skylarks nesting on the acid grassland this is a peaceful site to enjoy the fabulous views across the wider countryside to the Clwydian hills.

Ifton Colliery closed in 1968 and re-opened as a green space for local people on 12th May 1978. It is hard to imagine the rumble of the coal industry here where a diverse range of flora and fauna can now be found.

For more information on the skylark visit the RSPB website.