Visit one of only three remaining Hoffman Kilns in the country and explore it both inside and out! Used for the continual 'burning' of lime, it was adapted from a brick kiln

Llanymynech is a nationally significant industrial heritage area. This particular site forms part of the ‘Limeworks’ landscape which is a landscape shaped by man through the extraction of limestone from the surrounding area.

Explore the Hoffman Kiln at Llanymynech image

The Hoffman Kiln on this site is an impressive structure built in 1899 and worked until 1914. The 42.5 metre chimney for the kiln dominates the landscape but the cavernous structure of the kiln is the real attraction to this site being fully accessible to visitors. Imagine what life was like for the workers of the kiln – it is hard to believe that men actually worked inside this structure but indeed they did tolerating noise, dust and heat to go about their daily job.

A small parking area is available off the A483 at the British Waterways depot and is open all the time. Alternatively, you can park in the car park behind the Dolphin pub just to the west of the crossroads in the village, or start in Pant at the (signed) Shropshire Wildlife Trust Nature Reserve car park at the end of Underhill Lane.