Get the first glimpse of Spring by walking amongst the snowdrops at Nesscliffe and The Cliffe Countryside Site

Snowdrops mark the first sign of spring, flowering ahead of daffodils and bluebells. They emerge through frozen soil from January and are in bloom until late-February.



Get the first glimpse of Spring image

Snowdrops are instantly recognisable with their dangling white flower. With them comes the promise of warmer times to come and they are a pleasure to see particularly after a cold winter. Snowdrops grow in damp soil often on riverbanks and in woodland but it can sometimes be surprising where you will find a clump or two. There are many sites around Shropshire where you may stumble across the white flowers, one of which is Nesscliffe Hills and the Cliffe Countryside Heritage Site which covers two wooded hills and a heather covered ridge giving expansive views over the Shropshire countryside and Welsh hills.

The natural heritage of the site includes an extensive area of lowland heath and mixed woodland with an unusually wide variety of conifer trees – almost an arboretum. The variety of habitats including ponds and steep cliffs gives rise to a wide variety of wildlife, particularly birds and insects. The Cliffe heathland is a rare habitat nationally and looks stunning in August when the purple heather is in flower.

The site has an extensive network of tracks, paths and trails giving a variety of walking and riding experiences from level tracks to steep narrow footpaths suitable for all different ages and abilities. Many of these tracks can get muddy at certain times of year and stout footwear or wellies are advisable at all times.

For more information about snowdrops visit the Wildlife Trust webpage.