Hug a veteran tree at Rectory Wood

There are several very old trees at Rectory Wood including the 18th century sweet chestnut. To get even more closely acquainted, why not climb the Curly Wurly Tree? This old Lime tree, on the bank of the Town Brook, has a partial path curling round the tree to about 5m high.

Hug a veteran tree in Rectory Wood image

Rectory Wood once formed part of the grounds of the Rectory in Church Stretton. In around 1775 the owner, James Mainwaring, made great changes to create a designed woodland landscape garden.

Veteran trees are those which, due to their great age, size or condition, are of special interest culturally, aesthetically or biologically. Within Rectory Wood there are a number of fine examples of veteran trees including a Sweet Chestnut which is estimated to be 300 years old.

There are a number of areas to park, at the two entrances to the site, in Church Stretton town centre and at Carding Mill Valley.