Take a quiet walk with tremendous views across a beautiful stretch of open water at Colemere

The meres and mosses in North Shropshire are incredibly important habitats for some of the UK’s rarest species. Indeed, the least water lily can only be found in England on the water of Colemere.

Take a quiet walk around Colemere image

Colemere is one of Shropshire’s most beautiful meres, it is almost completely surrounded by mature woodland with two very attractive hay meadows.

There is an excellent circular walk at Colemere which circumnavigates the Mere and is suitable for most abilities. The site attracts a variety of wildfowl and waders, including snipe, curlew, goldeneye, and pochard. During the spring and summer flowers such as southern marsh orchid, meadow cranesbill and lady’s smock can be seen in the meadows. Numerous species of insects are attracted to the site including the brown hawker dragonfly and common blue damselfly.