Interactive map of Shropshire's Great Outdoors

The interactive map is a great way to see where you can access Shropshire’s Great Outdoors! It shows walking, cycling and riding routes, Rights of Way, parks, sites and play areas, transport and other areas of interest in Shropshire, some of which are managed by Shropshire Council and some by other partners. You can use the map to view these ‘layers’ on their own or mix and match them to see where they meet. You can view at a county level to decide on an activity for the day, or zoom right in to see what’s on your doorstep.

There are three different base maps that can be selected using the button on the top right of the map. This means you can choose between coloured OS map, grey scale and aerial photography. Using the aerial view, you can overlay the promoted routes and Rights of Way and see the terrain the routes go over.

View the interactive map

If you click on the features on the map a box will come up that describes what the feature is, with a link to the appropriate page on the website where relevant.

Screenshot of the Interactive Map

Moving around the map

There are two ways in which you can change your view of the map. Firstly, you can zoom. If you want to zoom in (+) and out of the map (-) you can use the zoom scale bar. The nearer you are to the (–) the more area you will see.

In addition, if you hold the shift key down on the keyboard and draw a box around the area you require preferably starting at the top right of the box you will zoom to that area.

Secondly, you can use the ‘pan’ tools. If you need to shift the map in a North, South, East or West direction you can do this using the map controls. You can also simply ‘pan’ around by clicking on the map, holding and moving the mouse and then releasing the mouse when you are at the location you require.

Map Layers

The map layers, on the left hand side of the screen, show the categories you can view, such as walking routes. Please click through these to see the extent of the categories. You have the ability to turn each of these different layers on and off and have multiple layers on at any one time. This is done by placing a tick in the check box.

Other information

This interactive map is based on the Localview mapping from Shropshire Council. More details about how to use it and any restrictions and disclaimers can be viewed on the Shropshire Council website.