A 1 mile circular walk around Nesscliffe Hill. Don’t bother looking out for hillforts on this walk; it’s a waste of time. You may see one or two trees though. Why do Sequoias make lousy firewood?


1.0 miles


Flattish, can be muddy in places, suitable for pushchairs

Start from

Pines Carpark

Nearest to



Parking is available at the start from Pines Car Park

Map reference

Lat/Long: 52.7713321282, -2.9101989089

OS: SJ387197

The route

To your right, hidden in the trees is an Iron Age hillfort that’s over two thousand years old. Back then all the trees would’ve been chopped down, so you’d have been able to see it!

The huge trees are North American Redwoods, also known as ‘Sequoias’. Great big softies, their bark is spongy to protect the tree from forest fires. Make sure you’ve got the right tree before thumping one though!

Years ago when this was a working wood, wooden stakes were treated at the hut in big ‘pickling tanks’ so they’d last longer. A woodsman who wanted to live forever jumped into one. He’d still be alive today if he’d been able to swim!

In North America the Sequoias are so soft that bears are often found cuddling them.