A 3 mile walk with a 2 mile short cut around The Cliffe. A stroll over the Cliffe could do wonders for you. But watch out for dissolving walkers and short-sighted berry pickers. If you see Sid, tell’m….


3.0 miles


Hilly, can be muddy in places, only suitable for all terrain pushchairs

Start from

Pines Carpark

Nearest to



Parking is available at the start from Pines Car Park

Map reference

Lat/Long: 52.7787031275, -2.8996785879

OS: SJ394205

The route

The Cliffe is a ‘lowland heath’, which is daft because it’s on top of a hill. It’s called this because of the types of plant that grow here. In late summer you’ll find whinberries. These plump purple berries are a bit sour to eat on their own but are yummy in pies.  The round thing at the viewpoint is a toposcope. It points out the hills you cansee on a good day. It’s rubbish on a foggy day though ‘cos you can’t see nuffin.

It’s said that World War II pilots would eat whinberries to help them see in the dark; so come up here at night, munch on some berries and see if you can see Snowdon!

Whinberries are also called wimberries, bilberries, whortle berries and purple-gob spurters. OK not the last one, but they are used in Yorkshire to make Mucky-Mouth Pie. The soil on the Cliffe is very acidic. In fact walkers have been known to dissolve, leaving only their false teeth and walking poles in the heather.