A short 1 mile walk around Brown Moss. Warning! This walk includes some awful frog jokes and may be offensive to serious naturalists.


1.0 miles


Flat but can be boggy. Not really suitable for pushchairs.

Start from

Brown Moss Car Park

Nearest to

Ellesmere, Whitchurch


Parking is available at the start of the walk just off the A41

Map reference

Lat/Long: 52.9482655471, -2.6552732483

OS: SJ561392

The route

Brown Moss is like a huge puddle that’s been soaked up by sponge-like mosses.

At one time it was a big lake like Ellesmere. It’s been clogged up with dead plants to make thick black peat, unlike Ellesmere which is full of soggy bread.

A blacksmith once lived at Beehive Cottage. He was mad about playing darts. He made little pointed iron hats and strapped them to three large dragonflies, thinking he’d use them down the pub. The dragonflies flew off and can sometimes be seen zooming about scaring wasps.

Frogs, toads and newts love Brown Moss. Every year in early spring they have a big outdoor music event called Glastonboggy Festival.

Water voles also like the Moss. They make little nests for their poo instead of ‘plopping’ in the water.