A 10 mile off road cycle route on tarmac and gravel paths, between Shrewsbury and Uffington. Allow one and a half hours. Suitable for adults and children over 8 years old.

Family Friendly Rides – Traffic-free Adventures: Shrewsbury to Uffington image


5 miles


An off road cycle route on tarmac and gravel paths

Start from

Shrewsbury: Darwin GeoGarden

Nearest to



Frankwell Car Park, Shrewsbury

The route

This 10 mile bike ride takes you along the riverside into scenic Shropshire countryside. Starting at the Darwin memorial ‘Quantum Leap’ and leading into the beautiful Quarry park, this largely traffic free ride follows the River Severn and the old Shrewsbury Canal and ends at Uffington, close to Haughmond Hill. Attractions along the route include playgrounds, a variety of wildlife, cafes, the Quarry swimming baths and Shrewsbury Sports Village.

The River Severn is 220 miles long, making it the longest river in Britain. Kingfishers and otters have been spotted living in the river banks. Look out for salmon jumping at certain times of the year and for swans nesting in the spring.

Shrewsbury Canal was built between 1792 and 1796 by Thomas Telford. The canal had the world’s first iron aqueduct and lock gates that opened upwards instead of outwards. The canal closed in 1921.


Town centre cafés, pubs and sandwich shops. Have a picnic down by the river!