Postman’s Knock in the Crooked Town

Jack Mytton Way Route 8: Wheathill to Cleobury image


10 miles


Stoned Tracks, lanes and cross field bridleways

Start from


Nearest to

Cleobury Mortimer, Ludlow

Map reference

Lat/Long: 52.5129711405, -2.7072465925

OS: 352100

The route

Simon Evans, the Cleobury Mortimer postman, who put the town on the map in the 1930s, walked around 75,000 miles collecting and delivering letters. He captured the charm of the town and his round in books and broadcasts on the wireless.

Your route twists and turns along the meanders of the River Rea, the most attractive part of Simon’s rural route.

Talking of twists and turns, the town has a few of its own. John Betjeman wrote of the ‘big airy curving street’. Follow its curve and you come to St Mary’s – one of those crazy buildings which visitors love.

This church is not for those of nervous disposition. Green timbers in the tower have twisted or gradually rotted creating the celebrated Crooked Steeple. Inside there isn’t a straight arch or doorway. Betjeman felt “The whole church seems to have slipped out of shape.”

Cramer Gutter Nature Reserve

Cramer Gutter Nature Reserve is owned and managed by Shropshire Wildlife Trust. This small 4 hectare patch of old, damp pasture is one of the most species-rich sites in the County supporting over 100 flowering plants. It forms part of Catherton Common which itself has been denuded from over grazing.

Titterstone Clee Hill

Titterstone Clee Hill on your right is a distinctive Shropshire landmark. Within the Shropshire Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty is now designated as Open Access Land. The white golf ball shaped objects, part of a radar station, can be seen from a great distance.