A 3.5 mile walk around Stapeley Hill


3.5 miles


Gentle gradients along top ridge of hill

Start from

Mitchells Fold Car Park

Nearest to

Bishop's Castle


At start/finish

Map reference

Lat/Long: 52.5759936077, -3.0303252773

OS: SO303981

The route

A 3.5 mile walk around Stapeley Hill, a wonderful location for appreciating and enjoying the richness of the historic landscape of the south Shropshire Hills. On these rugged upland summits the imprint of thousands of years of human activity can be seen amongst some of Shropshire’s most spectacular scenery.

Mitchell's Fold

Mitchell's Fold is a Bronze Age stone circle in South-West Shropshire, located near the small village of White Grit on dry heathland at the south-west end of Stapeley Hill. Erected sometime during the period 2000-1200 BC it is a striking testimony to the importance of south-west Shropshire uplands to the local Bronze Age communities. It comprises of stones 27 metres in diametre, of which 15 stones survive.

As with most sites of this type, its true history is unknown. However, there is a traditional folkstory that a giant whose marvellous cow gave unlimited amounts of milk used the circle until a malicious witch milked the cow using a sieve until it was drained dry, as a result of which it fled to Warwickshire where it became the Dun cow. As a punishment, the witch was turned into stone and surrounded by other stones to prevent her escaping.