Outdoor Partnerships Annual Survey 2022

Our annual survey is now live so please take the time to fill this in and give us your opinions on our Rights of Way network and countryside sites as this will help us focus our activity on priorities defined by the people who use our services and undertake this user satisfaction survey. This is an annual survey, so you may well have filled out last year… please do so again by clicking on the link below.

Outdoor Partnerships Annual Survey 2022

Be Horse Aware Campaign Video

With the weather improving and picnic season is fast approaching it may be tempting to share your left over food with animals in the countryside however this could be very hazardous to their health.  Please take the time to watch this BeHorseAware video about the dangers of feeding horses when out in the countryside.  Please note some viewers may find this distressing.

Outdoors Partnerships Annual Survey Results Summary

Shropshire’s Great Outdoors has proved to be incredibly valuable to our Shropshire’s residents over the Coronavirus period.  Every year the Outdoor Partnerships team conducts an annual user survey in order to identify how and where best to use the Council’s resources to maintain and improve our Rights of Way network , Country Parks and Countryside and Heritage sites.

Please click on the link for the Survey Results Summary Report June 2021.

Flood Damaged Bridges After February Floods 2020

As you can imagine, the recent unprecedented floods we have experienced across the County have left us with a number of serious issues on Shropshire’s Rights of Way network.  Please click on the link below to view information for the location of some of the damaged bridges we are aware of.


Revised Definitive Map & Statement 2020

On 1st February 2020 Shropshire Council revised its Definitive Map and Statement of public rights of way (under the provisions of section 57(3) of the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981). This is the first revision since September 1965 and includes over 2000 modifications resulting from confirmed legal orders and agreements since that time. The revised definitive map for the county has been printed in colour at a scale of 1:10,000 and the revised statement includes descriptions of all these modifications made to the rights of way network since 1965 when the statement consisted of one route only.

The Definitive Map and Statement may be viewed free of charge during normal office hours at Shirehall, Shrewsbury. Please call 0345 678 9000 before making a visit to ensure that the map isn’t already in use by others. Alternatively, the online working copy of the can be viewed at this link.

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Come and enjoy everything that Shropshire’s Great Outdoors has to offer

Discover the fantastic countryside, exceptional views and wonderful wildlife. Explore our Country Parks, heritage sites and play areas or get active on over 5,600 km’s of Public Rights of Way (that’s the same distance as Shrewsbury to New York… on your doorstep!).

Shropshire has many special landscapes including the Shropshire Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, the Stiperstones and Corndon Hill Country crossing the border in the south west of the county and the internationally important Meres and Mosses in the north. The Pontcysyllte Aqueduct and Canal World Heritage Site also includes part of Shropshire around Chirk in the north.

On this website you will find lots of promoted routes for walking, cycling and riding across the county, from The Shropshire Way to Walking with Offa. Plus there are details of other fantastic activities you can do in the great outdoors, from archery to paragliding!

If you are looking for inspiration about where to go or what to do, the Top Experiences pages suggest a wide range of activities for all ages that highlight the incredible wildlife and history of Shropshire… or might just be fun!

Wherever you go and whatever you decide to do, we hope you enjoy Shropshire ‘s Great Outdoors!

Shropshire’s Great Outdoors Strategy 2018-28 now available
Take a look at priorities for Shropshire over the next ten years.